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Resiliency Manual – for Women

If you want to know what you give, observe what you receive


There was a time when: I thought I couldn’t… and I couldn’t, I believe I didn’t know a thing… I didn’t know, I had the opinion I wouldn’t have the strength… and I weakened, I thought the burden was too heavy… I fell, I underestimated my ability, and I was unable. Cero resiliency. Cero passion.


That was how I discovered that life gives back what we focus on.


Therefore, today, I learned that, if we believe we can, we can, that we know more than we even imagine, we have as much strength as we decide to have, there is no burden that our shoulders can’t bear and you & I will arrive where we aim. Resiliency at front!


This book compiles what helped me to stay the course during the winter of my life & I share it with you as you & I are the same women as before, only now we know what we are worth, we want and what we deserve & those resiliency tools show us the freedom in it.


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ISBN: 978-1798720677

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